"Piece Of My Mind" - LOU RUSCONI Solo Show!
Opening Party - Saturday February 27th, 7-10pm. (Show will be open by appointment from February 28th until April 3rd, 2016)
Lou Rusconi is an underground artist with a macabre aesthetic and a talent for extreme gore. Bright colors punctuate the darkness of his subject matter and celebrate the boundaries of normal taste levels which he constantly attacks. Lou's vivid imagination and powerful compositions have made him a favorite amongst certain music circles and his artwork has graced album covers and merchandise from the likes of Mortician, Necrophagia, The Murder Junkies, Giallos Flames, Skinless, Cardiac Arrest, Cattle Decapitation, Coffins, Mixmatosis, Hocico, Regurgitate, and many more! "First off, I would like to thank Martina And Frank of MF Gallery for allowing me to show in their wonderful Gallery. This is not only my first solo show in New York, it is my first time to New York, I am very excited to say the least! The concept behind the "Piece Of My Mind" show is to showcase some of what I am known for; a little surrealism, a little gore, a little comic book-style, a little bit of seriousness and a lot of tongue-in-cheek. I try to infuse a little humor into even the most dire of subjects. I skewer "pop culture" and like to make people laugh and think. This show will have all new paintings and some older inkings that have never been shown. I will also paint a few New York themed paintings, from a view of someone who has never been there, but idolizes it. I will also have a few surprises for those who attend the opening; what will the surprises be? You will have to attend to find out! This is very exciting for me and I hope to spread that excitement to you..." 
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