Coalition, Zecca, Ivy Markety, Noli Novak, Sal Sircha, Robert Urban, Harry Slash, F.L. Lombardo, The Ancients, The New Creatures, Dana Frank Photography, Tang,  Richard Jannaccio publisher of The Angle magazine, Jerico of the Angles, Steven Zee, Gluegun, Women in Music member Liz Queler.​

We are raising funds using Kickstarter, to pay the participating artists, who's live performances and experience is contributing so beautifully to this historic art film.

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In the picture, Michael T, representing the downtown New Wave scene, photo by Alex Colby.

​​My 90's, a Historically relevant Rockomentary by some of the most talented musicians and members from the music business. They put the New York City Live Music Rock, Punk, Industrial, New Wave and Gothic Scene during the 1990's until today into perspective for future generations to learn from, enjoy and benefit. By award winning director / producer, music entrepreneur and veteran Wolfgang Busch and producers Darryl Hell and Michael T, for Art From The Heart Films.  Featuring:  Alex Alexander, Phoebe Legere, Larry Mitchell, Carboy, Sweet Convulsions, TM Stevens, Jon Dunmore, Wolfgang Busch, Needulhed, Myke Hideous, Abstinence, Gods Child, Michael T, Skin & Bones, Arty Skye, Frank Wood, Xris Flam, DJ Denard, Loretta's Doll, Shoot The Doctor, Darryl Hell, Freddie Katz, Jordyn Thiessen, Wolfgang Busch, Nicki Camp, Tommy Gunn, Bryin Dall, The Unsatisfied, Fred Schreck, Jerry Adams, Tom McCormack from the GLAMA Awards, Tom Taaffe from the Staten Island Rock